In adaption to its relative small space, the Garage presents unconventional types of projects and topples the existing patterns of exhibitions that display already finished art. It welcomes exhibitions that challenge the authoritativeness of reality, break through the traditional ideas and forms of exhibitions, and even express individual values on an adequate level. It embraces more paranoid and more open approaches as fundamental direction of its project selection.
The Garage invites young artists and curators to submit project proposals via our Email. The Garage will generally reply within 15 days. The space will contact the artist or curator to discuss the selected proposal and support the implementation of the project.

The space has its resident curators. Two resident curators may each recommend and implement one exhibition each year in the Garage (they may also choose to forsake this opportunity). Besides this opportunity, further proposals offered by the resident curators will be included in equal assessment with other proposals and subject to review on merits of project quality and feasibility.