The Garage is an independent art experiment space open to young artists and young curators. It is a space owned by Bennus Art Institution but independent of the Bennus Gallery. The Garage is dedicated to the upgrading of the thinking power of artists and providing a small battle field for the rejuvenation of art development.

The space is in the garage of Building 4, Zone A of the Landmark Diplomatic Apartments Complex in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The Diplomatic Apartments is a foreign-related community for residence and office of diplomatic expats in Beijing. Before turned into an art space, it was a separate garage belonging to Bennus Art Institution. Its dimensions made it very limited in parking capacity.
A simple renovation of the space retained the original features and basic attributes of the garage. The walls are furnished with light-weight steel keels and wood boards. The space is further compressed to 9 square meters.

Being small is turned into a unique characteristic of the space. It opens up the possibility for meeting demands and attitudes in project expression different from that of larger normal space. The unusual form of a condensed space offers unconventional possibilities and opportunities for the artists to present their ideas.